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Relics of Industrial Thames in South West London

The River Thames has been a pivotal feature of London life since its foundation, acting as an essential highway for the transport for goods and people. Nowadays such use is far less relevant, with just a Clipper service for passengers, amenable but less efficient that rail or road mass-transports.

The River and its banks are now used as a leisurable feature by local residents; rowers and sailors enjoying the smooth flow of the water, joggers and bikers strolling along its banks, leisure boats calmly rolling on the water.

What a difference to past views of River Thames busy with barges and boats connecting Boroughs along its banks and facilitating the movement of goods and people. Is there any sign of such past activities?

With my images I have tried to explore relics of past commercial use of the River, but also tried to get a glimpse of modern installations

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