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Photography education

Open College of the Arts

-    The Art of Photography - 2002

-    Social Documentary Photography - 2003

Putney College of the Arts - 2018

-    Portrait Photography

-    Landscape Photography

Alan Ranger Photography - mentorship

CityLit - Documentary Photography 2020

Thank you for visiting my photography website!

My interest in photography started in my early 20s.  My first camera, a Mamiya Sekor 1000DTL, opened my eyes to the freedom of framing the world through the viewfinder and reflect on the impermanent moment.

Back then photography was a balancing act of creativity and… budget. Films and processing were rather expensive and the eye had to be educated to frame carefully and make sure exposure was absolutely perfect not to waste any valuable frame. 

In my remote location in the South of Italy no photography school was available, so my initially photography was self-taught, using some book for basic techniques and trying to find inspiration in Times Magazine and National Geographic.

Since, I have evolved with lots pf practice but also some formal photographic eduction.

Among my most recent works:

-    Photographic book with RPS SW London Group on the SW Thames

-    London Fashion Scout AW19 and SS20

-    Istituto Marangoni Fashion Show July 2019

-    Personal portfolio for Associateship of the RPS

-    Various Charities events

Photography Volunteering

I am a keen volunteer photographer for Charities, Non-Profit organisations and Amateur/low budget productions.

I regularly volunteer for a number of London based Charities, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any photographic requirement.

·    Art UK sculpture project

·    Vision Foundation (formerly Great London Fund for the Blind)

·    Lullaby Trust

·    People in Harmony

·    Infallible Productions (theatre)

·    City Harvest

·    Draper Together

·    Carers UK

·    Groundswell

·    Camden Giving

-    Total Insight (youth theatre)

I am also particularly keen (on a voluntary basis) to photograph theatre and musical performances, please make contact if you wish your event to be photographed.

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