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Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in Documentary Photography

Statement of Intent - 7th October 2019

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My panel explores the impact of graffiti on the urban environment and the public. Born as rebellious vandalism and mostly painted stealthily at night, graffiti have now evolved into elaborated artworks created in open daylight.

In recent years, entire metropolitan areas have changed their appearance for the better, thanks to ever present graffiti. Hence, I was keen to discover whether the general acceptance of graffiti as an urban artform has led to an active relationship by us, the public, with street art: do we ignore, engage or unconsciously blend into such colourful works?

After months of living and breathing the graffiti in parts of London, I have tried to capture the fascinating tale of urban space repossession and the spontaneous symbiosis between street art and the public. 


Documentary Photography at CityLit

I am currently attending a course in Documentary Photography at CityLit London, lectured by Armelle Skatulski. A great journey from the early photographic social exploration of Lewis Hine to these days. 

The Art of Intuitive Photography by Mindy Veissid

Sunday 9th February, New York photographer Mindy Veissing gave a workshop on The Art of Intuitive Photography. A unique experience, rich of ideas and alternative ways of looking at framing subjects. Here are some of the pictures taken during the day.

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